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Std XII : Online Preliminary Examination: Part 4.
Name and Roll No.
Machine Number : SYS

Q 4. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer: (2 correct answers)         10 Marks
        Selection of three or four answers will result in zero mark.

1. Which of the following is used to change font colour to red?
a. <font color="red">
b. <font color="#ff0000">
c. <font="red">
d. <colour="red">

2. The align attribute is used with which HTML tags?
a. <IMG>
b. <TABLE>
c. <U>
d. <BODY>

3. ASP script can be run on _______ and _______.
a. PWS
b. Private Network
c. Internet
d. IIS

4. In JavaScript, mouse events are _______ and _______.
a. onClick
b. onMouseOver
c. onForm
d. onChange

5. The attributes of <script> tag are _______ and _______.
a. src
b. language
c. name
d. action



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