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Std XII : Online Preliminary Examination: Part 2.
Name and Roll No.
Machine Number : SYS

Q 1. True or False:         10 Marks

1. VB Script is a client side script. True       False

2. Client side script is processed by web server. True       False

3. The Get method adds the form's information to URL so that a CGI program can see all the form's data. True       False

4. GIF means Google Image Format. True       False

5. RECTANGLE shape can be used with <map> tag. True       False

6. All browsers available in market support all HTML tags. True       False

7. We cannot add video files into webpages. True       False

8. SSI means Server Side Includes. True       False

9. CGI means Common Gateway Interface. True       False

10. WEFT means Wireless Ethernet Fonts Technology. True       False



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