Chapter 1 : Introduction to Microsoft Frontpage 2000
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Chapter 1 : Introduction to Microsoft Power Point

I Fill in the blanks: Page 12.

a. presentation

b. slide

c. graphic, movies, sound.

d. slide window

e. new slide

II True or False

1. False

2. True

3. False

4. True

5. False

III Fill in the blanks : Choose from the brackets



Auto Layout



IV Match the following:

1-c, 2-d, 3-b, 4-e, 5-a

V Answer the following:

  1. Write short note on MS Power Point.
  2. Ans. Microsoft Power Point is a desktop tool. It is used to design and create a variety of presentations, which can be viewed on screen.

  3. Explain the steps to start PowerPoint.
  4. Ans. Click on Start, Programs and then on PowerPoint.

  5. Describe any three components of a PowerPoint screen.
  6. Ans.

    Title Bar

    Menu Bar

    Tool Bar

  7. List the steps to create blank presentation.


    Start PowerPoint and select Blank Presentation. Then select desired layout. Add text in the rectangular box or insert image from file / clipart.

  8. Explain the ways to close a presentation.


    There are two ways to close a presentation. (1) Click on Close Option in the File Menu. (2) Click on the cross mark (x) on the right hand corner of the menu bar.

  9. What are the steps to save a presentation?


Ans. Press CTRL+S. Enter a file name. Click on Save button. The file is saved as filename.ppt

VI Explain the following terms:

  1. Open an existing presentation
  2. Ans. It means to open a previously created file of PowerPoint.

  3. Autocontent Wizard

Ans. It is a guided way of creating a presentation. The wizard offers various presentation types and styles.

c) Design Template

Ans. It is a semi-finished presentation having particular design, colour and style as background.

  1. Blank Presentation


The term is self-explanatory. There are no readymade semi-finished presentations. Blank Presentation displays Auto Layout Dialogue Box having 24 different slide layouts.


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