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St. Xavier's High School, Hingna, Nagpur.
Std VI : Online Examination:
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Class and Section :                      Machine Number : SYS

State whether the following statements are True or False.         10 Marks

1. Text running continuously on webpage is called Marquee. True       False

2. The two most popular web browsers are GIF and JPEG. True       False

3. Form is a collection of fields. True       False

4. Textbox allows the user to enter only one line of text. True       False

5. Textarea allows the user to enter multiple lines of text. True       False

6. Radio Button allows the user to make multiple selection from list. True       False

7. Check Box allows the user to make only a single selection from list. True       False

8. To select multiple items from a list, hold CTRL key while clicking the names. True       False

9. "Choice" property of Drop-Down-Menu specifies the text that will appear in the menu. True       False

10. "Name" property specifies the name of the checkbox. True       False



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St. Xavier's High School, X-21, MIDC, Hingna Road, Nagpur, (Maharashtra State), 440028.



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