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IAFA Fiesta 2010

ICEPLEX was started for many reasons, the most important being Chairman Sirís vision, his belief and mind that there are multiple intelligences. Every child cannot or does not want to become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. ICEPLEX gives them an opportunity to explore their talents in multiple fields, such as media, performing arts, writing, advertising so on and so forth. It connects you to the world at a click of the mouse.

Our very first initiative was to organize an ad film making contest. The Iceplex Ad Film Awards 2008 received unprecedented response from the students. For IAFA 2009 we have received over 10,000 registrations, more than 2162 DVDís and around 25,00000 online votes. IAFA 2009 is scheduled to be held on the 31st of January and as many students will not be able to attend, this fiesta is being organized for their benefit.

This Fiesta will be spread over a period of 7 days, wherein the ad films which have been nominated for the event as well as for the Special Screening will be shown.