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Std XII : Second Online Preliminary Examination: Part 2.
Roll No.     Name     Machine No.

Q 1. True or False:         10 Marks

1. SRC attribute of frame provides the location of the frame. True       False

2. Checked is the valid attribute of <input type = text>. True       False

3. Applets are used to execute application on the internet. True       False

4. Code of ethics is way of setting standards. True       False

5. EDI means paperless trading. True       False

6. E-commerce is very reliable. True       False

7. If A.value = "Hello Students", then A.value.length = 14. True       False

8. % is arithmetic operator in VB-Script. True       False

9. End method erases the content of Response buffer. True       False

10. MS-Access processing speed is high as compared to SQL. True       False



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