Doors to Diplomacy : Instructions
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Cyber Fair
Doors to Diplomacy
Instructions :
  • Read last year's instructions, rules and regulations.
  • Get acquainted with the 8 categories.
  • Select a category.
  • Make a provisional plan of your project.
  • Prepare a trial design of your website.
  • Make a list of field activities to be performed.
  • Make a list of equipments required for the project.
  • Make a budget of your project.

Cyber Fair

Doors to 

Tentative Budget:

Computer Unit (Assembled PC) : Rs 15000
Uninterrupted Power Supply, Voltage Regulator : Rs 2000
Wireless Broadband Modem : Rs 2300
Nine Months' Internet Usage : Rs 4950
Public Address System (Amplifier, Loud Speaker) : Rs 1000
Repairing of Computer : Rs 300
Total : Rs 25550

Miscellaneous Expenditure :
Printouts of rules, evaluation rubric, publicity material.
Photography, printing, scanning, typing.
Storage devices such as cd, dvd, pen drive.


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